6 Must-Follow Blogs for Occupational Therapists

6 Must-Follow Blogs for Occupational Therapists

If you are an occupational therapist who works in a healthcare facility or a school, it is important to stay connected with other OT professionals. Blogs are great learning tools to gain a new perspective and gather fresh ideas.

Top OT Blog Picks

There are many bloggers who are passionate about their contributions. Although it would be nice to share all of them, here are six top OT blog picks for you to consider:

  • MamaOT: This is a great OT blog for therapists who work with kids. It is written by a mom based in California who is a practicing occupational therapist. She also has a background in psychology, education, and gymnastics. The clean design is both inviting and engaging, it includes sections on sensory processing disorder, functional skills for kids, developmental milestones and many other ideas to engage children.
  • Miss Awesomeness: The name began as a joke but eventually stuck. This OT blogger has a relatable point of view and an offbeat sense of humor. The private practitioner and school occupational therapist have been blogging since 2006. She covers topics such as adaptive equipment design and offers practical resources and activities for students and other OTs.
  • The Inspired Tree House: Pediatric OTs and PTs Lauren Drobnjak and Claire Heffron are love sharing information through blogging. Lots of valuable ideas are posted here organized by the gross motor, fine motor, core and sensory strengthening. Sort through the categories and find activities, crafts, and games suitable for any age group.
  • The Anonymous OT: Keeping it anonymous provides a safe haven for open discussion. The primary goal is to offer straightforward advice based on personal experiences. Good, bad or indifferent, that is what you will find. This blog is chock full of personal accounts and outlandish discussions between parents and OTs.
  • Therapy Fun Zone: Dedicated to creative and purposeful play, this blog covers ways to inspire kids of all ages to progress. Written by a pediatric OT and mother of two, it is an excellent resource of activities listed by crafts, games, printables, and skills. All can be adapted and used for a variety of therapeutic purposes. She also provides an online store full of self-care supplies, digital downloads, pencil grips, seating products and more.
  • Handwriting is Fun: This unique OT blog is a great forum for sharing a wide assortment of handwriting resources. OT blogger Katherine Coller and other guests share about developing handwriting skills, strategies to improve handwriting and information on OT in the schools.

The internet is one of the greatest resources for occupational therapists, it transcends time and distance to connect like minds. You can serve other therapists and clients even better the more ideas, tips, and resources you embrace and share.

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