Getting the Right Care after a Hospital Discharge

One thing which bothers most of the people is getting the right care after a loved one is discharged from the Hospital. It is important to give the discharged individual proper care for healing and recovery.

Finding the Right Location for Rehabilitation after Hospitalization

Families can have choices for rehabilitation and they can choose the location based on their preference, location or family situation. The rehabilitation services such as speech therapy, nursing care and physical therapy are necessary for recuperation.

Skilled Nursing Facilities and Rehab Hospitals

These rehab hospitals are for people who need nursing services 24*7. The skilled Nursing facilities offer rehabilitation stay for a short while for up to 100 days. To have your stay covered by Medicare, you should enter a Medicare approved Skilled Nursing facility within 30 days of your hospital stay which should have been or at least 3 days.

In-Home Care

In-home care is offered by licensed medical professionals who come to home for performing special task as prescribed by the physician. Home care is non-medical support. These visiting therapists come to your home once or twice a week for giving injections, examining your health, offering wound care, physical therapy or strength training. In- home care ensures you get treatment in the comfort of your home.

Rehabilitation Care at Assisted Living

Rehabilitation is also possible at assisted living communities. The assisted living community is the right choice if your loved one needs help with routine activities such as dressing, bathing, or preparing meal after hospitalization. It can be a good option for rehabilitation of a loved one.

Questions to Ask for Your Hospital Discharge Plan

  • The therapies required by the patient after discharge
  • The services that Medicare or health insurance service will pay for
  • Need for help with cooking or housework
  • Whom to call during emergency or any problem
  • The benefits and purpose of each medicine
  • What would be the average recovery time
  • Will the patient need help in bathing and dressing
  • What symptoms or side effects should one watch out for
  • The dosage of each medication and its side effects

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