Physical Therapists: 4 Physical Therapy Blogs to Follow

Physical therapists and patients alike can benefit from a place where patient care research is shared. By following one or more of the following blogs, you can see topics of Interest raised and stay on top of what’s happening in the profession of physical therapy. Whether you are a therapist or a patient, you can get a lot of helpful information for your therapy in these resources.

Here are our top favorite physical therapy blocks that you should follow:

Health Skills

On this blog, you can learn about the nuances of chronic pain: the number one reason why people go to physical therapy interventions. This blog is written by Bronwyn Thompson, an occupational therapist, and lecturer in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery.

One topic that you might find on this blog will include: “A clinician’s goal in pain management,” as well as many others.


Therapydia is a blog of a national network of American physical therapy clinics. Their goal is to educate the public as well as practitioners on best practices in physical therapy. You can also learn about common problems, what to expect from your treatment and the benefits of your therapy.

Body in Mind

This blog was founded by a group of clinicians in Australia who wanted to explore how pain relates to a whole person. This blog focuses on research and analysis of issues found in everyday Orthopedic practice.


As the name suggests, this blog focuses on people who are seeking back and neck therapy. Spine issues are a very common problem and one of the most common issues for people who are seeking physical therapy.

If you have any more questions regarding physical therapy or the information contained on popular blogs, please give us a call. Your health is in our best interests.

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