Occupational Therapy in Sugar Land, Texas

After suffering a neurological event or a physical trauma, patients need occupational therapy in Houston, Katy, Cypress, Brookshire, and other surrounding areas to regain coordination, motor skills and other simple or complex abilities needed in everyday life. Sometimes perceptual motor training may seem overwhelming, but our registered occupational therapists are patient and highly skilled. We have walked down this same difficult road with other patients who are now functioning better and living improved lives.

Occupational Therapy

At Sahara Health Care we set realistic goals that can be achieved and sometimes surpassed. Our occupational therapy programs in Needville, Pearland, Stafford, Spring, Sugar Land and other communities around Houston are designed to increase independence and improve the functionality of the limbs. Our dedicated therapists will even travel to their client’s homes in the Houston and surrounding areas to perform occupational therapy.

Occupational Therapy Programs

Occupation therapy in Houston and the surrounding areas are focused on rebuilding functional skills that are used every day.

We work with individuals using customized occupational therapy programs in Sugar Land, Spring and Needville, including:

  • Adaptive equipment fitting
  • Energy conservation instruction
  • Work simplification
  • Joint protection
  • Custom made hand and arm orthotics
  • Perceptual-motor training

Other Services

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We provide our services up to 100 Miles Radius from our location.

Contact us for our home health care services in Sugar Land and the Greater Houston, TX area. We’re happy to provide services to the following counties:

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  • Sugar Land
  • Austin
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