Who Would Benefit From Home Health Care Physical Therapy?

Home healthcare services are needed for those who need personalized care who are living in their homes and are wanting to have their physical therapy in the privacy of that home. Physical therapy is one of the most requested common health care services for seniors. Sahara Health Care offers many services that are given to our patients while living in their home while ensuring they get the continuum of compassionate care through their entire road to recovery.

What is physical therapy?

The type of treatment that will help your loved one improve their strength and function of their body is called physical therapy. Physical therapists utilize special techniques with their patients to aid in reducing pain and help the patient increase mobility for getting better with balance and strength, and all of this can assist in preventing falls.

There are more benefits of the patient taking physical therapy that include: 

  • Rehab following surgery
  • Increasing patient strength and mobility
  • Improving endurance
  • Enhancing patients posture and their walking technique

Who would benefit from physical therapy?

Physical therapy reaps many benefits for the patient’s body’s performance physically. Seniors are the ones with the most common need for physical therapy after they have suffered a fall or to help treat chronic pain. By relieving their pain gives them the first step to restore their body to its regular order of function. But, remember, physical therapy is not only for those who have pain. Many seniors choose physical therapy as their preventative measure from future accidents by maintaining their balance, strength, and flexibility.

Some of the conditions that might benefit you from by taking physical therapy are:


  • Stroke
  • Injuries, like hip displacement
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Chronic pain
  • Alzheimer’s

What techniques does a physical therapist use?

Physical therapists use techniques for their seniors that usually include walking, massage, and stretching. Sometimes, hot and cold therapy could be used in targeting pain points. Sometimes, electrical stimulation technique can intercept the pain signals from your brain. This technique is used most of the time for those that have arthritis or suffered a stroke.

If you happen to be looking for a physical therapist, look no further, Sahara Health has an excellent Physical Therapy Home Health Program. We welcome your call so that we might be able to help you by improving your pain and your overall quality of life.

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