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Why Is Home Healthcare Better Than Nursing Homes?

As our parent’s age, we worry about how we are going to take care of them, hold down our jobs, keep up with our kids, church, and grandchildren without neglecting our parents and making sure they are happy.

You have promised yourself that you will never place them in a nursing home and told them the same.

Home Health Care is by far the best option because:

  • Your loved one gets to stay home as there is nowhere that they will ever feel as comfortable and as safe except in the home they have lived in for years. Being at home is what will make them happy.
  • Being at home is more affordable than the costs of nursing homes. Home Health Care is much cheaper and has the added benefit that you know your parent is so much happier. A sitter can be hired for during the day, and it will still cost very little compared to that of one month in a nursing home.
  • Postpone or prevent them living in a nursing home because it is not the right thing for Mom and Dad. Some nursing homes require the seniors to share bathrooms between their rooms, a very unhygienic practice. Most seniors hate the food that is served to them, causing them to lose weight.
  • It seems to promote healing by being at home with Home Health Services thereby keeping your senior healthier. They are not around the visitors in the nursing home who may have something contagious.
  • It reduces re-hospitalization for your loved one because they are happy at home with family dropping by all the time.
  • Their personal freedom is protected because they get to decide what TV channel they want to watch in their own home and not what channel the nursing home determines. They have access to snacks at any time, the food they want, and not what is leftover in the kitchen of the nursing home.
  • It is much easier for the family as well as for the senior. Family can come and go to visit the senior when they are at home and take turns spending the night. It is much more difficult when you must go to the nursing home. If your loved one suffers from dementia, going to a nursing home confuses them so severely. Nursing homes will tell you that your loved one is doing fine, but when you enter their room that it is not always the case. No matter what you take to the nursing home, it gets stolen.
  • Home Healthcare is a safe place to deal with the patient’s health problems. If your senior has health problems, it is so much easier to address them at home rather than in a nursing home. You and the home health care staff will be more aggressive in their care they need over what they would receive in a nursing home. Nursing homes are usually rampant with MRSA and VRE and take no measures to isolate and keep it from spreading.
  • The patient has better bladder control and bathing because they are home and not racing to beat anyone else to a bathroom. The bathing facilities in the nursing homes are not good in the fact that they seem cold for the seniors and patients are sometimes shoved into the shower and given a quick rinse. In their own home, the patient is not treated that way because their loved ones are watching.
  • Your senior will have immediate access to medical care once they are cared for by home health care. Home health care nurses will pick up on medical issues that family members may not if they have no background in healthcare. It allows you to get medical care for your loved one quicker.

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